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Lineage Wallpaper

~*The guardian of Heaven*~

Lineage Wallpaper

1280x960, 267 Favorites

Girls Bravo Wallpaper

~*`Girls Bravo_Kojima`*~

Girls Bravo Wallpaper

1600x1200, 245 Favorites

Tags: Kirie Kojima

Aoi Nanase Wallpaper

*=Breath of life=*

Aoi Nanase Wallpaper

1280x960, 245 Favorites

Lin Minase Wallpaper

~*`Singing for my loved one`*~

Lin Minase Wallpaper

1600x1200, 223 Favorites

Danger Angel Wallpaper

`#~come with me ~#`

Danger Angel Wallpaper

1280x960, 198 Favorites

Koutaro Wallpaper

-Is this enough!-

Koutaro Wallpaper

1280x960, 186 Favorites

Tags: Mikage Tachibana


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  1. Hadim70 29wk 1d ago

    thanks for your fav :P

  2. dianas 35wk 5d ago

    Merry Christmas mina XD XD XD

  3. sandumirabela 47wk 3d ago

    Uite mă uitam azi la nişte poze de la Ohmi Tomu şi am nimeirt wallpaperul făcut de tine pentru mine şi m-am gândit să te întreb ce mai faci? Miss you!Hugs!

  4. yoneyu 50wk 6d ago

    Quote by dianas Bine ai venit in clubul Ecchi ^^ a bit inactive right now but we are still going strong ;)

    Cheers and see you around

    Thank you!
    teehee same here! <3

  5. yoneyu 50wk 6d ago

    Quote by dianas

    Quote by yoneyuThankies for the fav <3 !

    Have seen Ergo proxy such a long time ago XD can`t even remember what the action was all about... not much of an anime person anymore.


    XD yeah I know what you mean XD
    Omg why not? are you more into manga now?

  6. HellOurWin Aug 23, 2013


  7. yoneyu Aug 22, 2013

    Thankies for the fav <3 !

  8. GintheTwilightswords Jun 13, 2013

    ....hi (。・ω・。)